By Dick Sossomon

The G Scale model garden railroad layout is a great place for children of all ages! The fenced-in layout has over 1,000 feet of track, with tunnels, bridges, buildings, plants and trees all in a replica scale of 1 to 24.  As you walk around the layout you can see houses, churches, an engine house and people just like on and around a real railroad.  We have electric and live steam driven engines that pull replica trains of logging, passenger and freight service from around the USA.  We swap our trains out during the day but on one track we always have the “Thomas the Tank Engine” model for the young ones.

We hold an annual emergency response exercise, just like the real trains.  Which we put into practice when we actually have a wreck, this one caused by a faulty power insulator.  Can you find “Thomas” in the pictures below?
The crew is always in the process of "creating and adjusting" and this year we are making the layout operation a more visitor interaction friendly.  Just press one of the buttons on the side of the layout and see what happens!   Make the light house come on and the light rotate or the crossing gates raise and lower.  Come out and visit or better yet, join us and see what happens next.


We need volunteers, so come on out and help! The New Hope Valley Garden Railway is always under construction in some way, and we are constantly expanding, adding and having fun. If you would like come out to help, or just watch and learn, let us know (, and we will add you to our email list for notification.